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Security Consultancy and Design Services

Our team of Security Consultants and Design Experts are all dedicated to providing real-time advice and support to organizations and individuals to help ensure they are getting the best solution and that it is installed, functioning and performing as the designer intended. Zan Tech has the knowledge and the expertise to custom design your security solution to match your specific needs and budget. Design services can be provided independently of purchasing the equipment from Zan Tech at a small fee or design services can be included for free once the client purchases the equipment from Zan Tech.

Zan Tech Electronic Security Services cover:

Security System Design

Security Systems Audit With Recommendations

Public Safety & CCTV Surveillance

Installation Inspections

Verification of System Optimal Configuration and Performance after installation

Large Project Consulting services include:

Recommendation of Equipment to meet the client’s requirements

Full System design and Integration of multiple security systems

Evaluation of Existing CCTV software and hardware and its current performance.

Design of an independent or integrated IP data network infrastructure that facilitates and provides enough band width for your CCTV equipment to function correctly.

Selection and provision of the correct network infrastructure including routers, switches, and network management software to meet your security system and organizational needs.

Selection and provision of hardware for managing your CCTV system. Such as servers for managing and recording your cctv video streams, network storage for archiving video, video walls for your monitoring or command center and workstation PCs for viewing and forensic research.

Supply and Design of next generation systems that can utilize video analytics so that the CCTV system becomes a proactive system rather than just a reactive system.

Design and supply of monitoring facilities for command center activities.

Small Project Consultancy Services

Recommendation of the correct equipment to be used

Access to Zan Tech’s Approved Installers List

Provision of a solution to meet a specific budget

Layout Diagrams and Drawings for the installer to follow.

Correct Placement and positioning of security devices to ensure functionality and maximum performance.

Briefing and Guidance provided to the installer on how the equipment should be setup and installed to ensure proper functionality.

Product Sourcing

Have an idea of a product you would like to sell but cannot find or source it? Zan Tech has an extensive network of suppliers across the globe ranging from Asia, Europe and the United States. We can easily not only source your specific electronic product if you cannot find it, but we can also find a similar or identical product to your existing electronic products at a cheaper price than you are currently purchasing it at.

Installation Recommendations and Inspection

Zan Tech has an approved list of installer and can put the client in touch with the right people to get their security systems installed correctly in a timely manner. Advantages of using our recommended installers are:

 A competitive price – as most of these installers do free-lance work and are generally cheaper than larger security companies.