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Banking Solutions

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Image Item processing solution

We feature a complete suite of payment processing solutions including day one and day two payment products, which are delivered on a single unified platform. The straight-through image processing begins at the point of capture and encompasses each step in the payment workflow all the way to back-office processing. Our solutions use an integrated image workflow to make exception processing faster, more efficient, less expensive and less complex.

E-Signature and Automatic Signature Verification solution 

Image-based, fraud detection solution which leverages a powerful database that stores reference signatures, as well as additional account information. Check items can be processed through our solution in real-time or batch mode to flag potentially fraudulent items. Pay/no-pay decisions are based on scoring criteria set by the bank (as well as other factors). Capabilities include handling both dynamic and static signature verification.

Banking Hardware equipment

Check scanners, banking equipment and other image capture solutions for remote deposit capture, teller capture, and branch capture banking environments.

Banking Operations and Item Processing Consulting Services

Our expertise includes:

  • Implementation
  • Analysis and requirements documentation
  • Training
  • Workflows and process documentation